High Security Safes

Jewelry Vault – TL-30

The Jewel Vault high security safe has been known to set the standard in its class. The TL 30 safe has been approved by the Underwriters Laboratory, and offer the highest in security standards. The Jewel Vault’s composite body is a solid 3″ thick and incorporates 18,000 PSI density concrete. The concrete inside the safe body is embodied with corundum aggregate and encased in a double layer of high-tensile steel. The door is 6 1/2″ in overall thickness which includes 3″ of solid barrier material. The Jewel Vault 6836 incorporates up to seven massive 2″ chromed locking bolts, secured with two high-security, U.L. listed Group II combination locks.

The Jewelry Vault comes in eight different variations:

  • JV 3020 
  • JV 4524
  • JV 5524
  • JV 6034
  • JV 6020
  • JV 6528
  • JV 6836 L/H
  • JV 6836 R/H

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Diamond Vault – TL-30X6

The Diamond Vault is considered to be one of the toughest safes in the industry. These safes have gone up against some of the most brutal attacks and have come out victorious. The Diamond Vault incorporates up to 7 massive 2” chromed locking bolts. These are secured with 2 high security, U.L. Listed Group II combination locks. A high floating glass plate “nerve center” covers the entire locking area. Additionally, the mechanism is protected by dual plates of tempered glass. This will activate two randomly located re-locking devices in the event of a burglary attack. The Diamond Vault safe will be able to keep all those valuables safe and secure.

The Diamond Vault comes in eight different variations:

  • DV 3020 
  • DV 4524
  • DV 5524
  • DV 6034
  • DV 6020
  • DV 6528
  • DV 6836 L/H
  • DV 6836 R/H

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